Combining Property at Owner's Request

The Utah County Recorder's Office may be directed by a landowner to combine adjacent parcels of property which he or she owns onto one parcel serial number. In some instances this benefits the landowner by reducing the number of tax notices he or she receives, or in some cases, reducing the property taxes.

Before a landowner has his property combined onto one parcel serial number, he may wish to consider:

  1. Any effect that this combination may have on zoning or subdivision possibilities. (Contact your Zoning Administrator.)

  2. Most of the combined description(s) will not show on a single tax notice due to space limitations. The combined descriptions on the tax notice will have the format "First description..., also; Second description..., also;... etc."

The following requirements must be met in order to combine two or more properties onto one tax notice:

  1. No tax boundary may exist between the properties. (i.e. all properties being combined must be in the same tax district.)

  2. The parcels to be combined must be contiguous.

  3. All parcels being combined must have been deeded on the same document. (For example - If the parcels have different vesting deeds, the parcels can not be combined. The owner(s) will have to deed the parcels to be combined and make a request on the document that the parcels be combined.)

If the above requirements have been met, the owner(s) may send a Request to be Combined letter, listing the parcel serial numbers of the parcels they wish to combine. This request will become part of the permanent record as a part of a Recorder's Notice document and serves as an authorization to combine the parcels onto one parcel serial number.

Sample Request to Combine Letter:


Please combine the descriptions found on deed # _______________ into one tax serial number for taxing purposes.

Combine specifically the following tax numbers onto one notice:




Signed ____________________________ Dated ________________________

Phone # __________________________________